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Self-styled „painter of light“ Thomas Kinkade died last week, as the Sunday New York Times obits duly noted:

Thomas Kinkade, Artist to Mass Market, Dies at 54

Thomas Kinkade, the prolific painter of bucolic and idealized scenes who estimated that his mass-produced works hung in one out of 20 American homes, died on Friday at his home in Los Gatos, Calif. He was 54.

Nut graf:

Mr. Kinkade referred to himself as the “painter of light,” usually with a trademark symbol, for naturalistic scenes with highlights that appeared to glow. Often his canvases were mass-produced prints to which he added small, brightly toned details. He made no apologies for commercializing the art field, comparing himself to million-sellers in, say, music and literature.

Yes but he was no Charles Dickens, as Susan Orlean’s 2001 New Yorker takedown painstakingly illustrated (via Longform):

By and large, art critics consider Thomas Kinkade…

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