Almost in lock-step with Obama’s deliberate racialising of American politics, that stronghold of left-libbery, the New York Times, has followed suit, with a flagrant attempt to push its self-centred ‚gay‘ agenda, using racially inflammatory rhetoric against the decent Americans of all creeds and colours who are fighting to defend normal marriage from those desperate to destroy it.

The NYT actually has the nerve to accuse the National Organization for Marriage of divisiveness = a „poisonous political approach“ based on „racially and ethnically divisive strategies“  as NOM quotes from the scabrous scribblers = when the truth is that Blacks and Hispanics in the Big Apple played a pivotal role  and still do in the campaign to ward off decadence.

NOM has done a superb job of bringing diverse groups together!

2011_02_11_JACKSON Bishop Jackson


Bishop Harry Jackson and State Senator Ruben Diaz are two examples, the latter Hispanic,  the former Black…

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