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Rupert Murdoch plays into all of the tycoon billionaire stereotypes. He is ambitious,  he has a young and attractive wife, and his legacy is stained by controversy. My bad, I forgot that he doesn’t have the tycoon mustache.

Britain’s Sky News, owned by media mogul Murdoch, has admitted to hacking into the email accounts of public citizens on a few occasions. Sky News stood by their actions by saying  that it was „in the public interest“ and for the „greater good“ that they hacked. Murdoch has been under great scrutiny for hacking scandals that have taken place at many of his major media outlets under his watch.

This is scary, terrifying even. Not only is it clear now that private companies have the ability to hack into your personal information, but they aren’t even afraid to do it.

Should media outlets ever be allowed to hack? What if it is…

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